Our Fleet

16-29 Seat Mini coaches

We are able to provide mini and midi coaches with between 16 and 29 seats, please contact us to discuss your requirements

49/53 Seat coaches

Equipped with 49 seatbelted, reclining seats – our 49 seater coaches are able to provide a journey in comfort and style. Vehicles with toilet facilities, entertainment systems and PA systems can also be specified at time of booking (subject to availability)

3 Minibuses parked while out in Cobham

71 Seat Double Deck coaches

The pride of our fleet is our 71 seat double decker coaches. We’re the only operator in the local area who can provide vehicles which can safely transport this number of adults in one vehicle. These vehicles provide excellent levels of comfort when high capacity is required. Our double deckers provide ample legroom and comfortable reclining seats throughout. For your safety, seatbelts are fitted to every seat. 

Please contact us to discuss your requirements

One of our 71 Seat Double-deck luxury coaches in Brighton